Time to get your writing out in front of the world.

Start with a website that fits your style.

Know exactly what you need in an online presence? Great! Skip to the package below that suits you.

If you’re not sure what you want in a website, a Discovery Session can open your eyes to possibilities you haven’t imagined yet. It can also enable you to focus on your unique strengths as an artist and limit influences and expectations that just aren’t you. The cost of a comprehensive needs analysis and consultation is 100% recoverable when you choose (with greater clarity and confidence) the kind of website that fits your work, your style, your needs.

Invoke the MUSE

With the MUSE package, you get up to 7 pages. These might include:

  • a bio or about page
  • CDs/Albums/Collections
  • sample tracks
  • photos
  • videos
  • pages devoted to individual band members
  • a contact form

Take this Show On the Road

The onTOUR package includes EVERYTHING in the MUSE package, plus:

  • up to 5 additional pages, for a total of 12
  • blog setup and support
  • social media integration
  • mailing list setup and integration


The MASTERY package includes EVERYTHING in the MUSE and onTOUR packages, plus:

  • up to 5 additional pages, for a total of 17
  • integrated eCommerce solutions for onsite selling of your CDs and related merchandise
  • An Events Calendar for gigs, tour dates and other engagements